Sewing Curved Seams

How to sew curved seams and corners so they lay flat


Curved seams can be used in a lot of different ways when sewing, pockets, necklines, and so much more. If you don't sew and finish a seam correctly the fabrics will not lay flat, or not line up correctly. 


When you are sewing a curved seam and you want it to lay flat there are a few things you need to do including clipping the seam allowance, and making sure you pin or use your wonder clips very frequently. Additionally when you are sewing the curve slightly shorten stitch length. 


There are 2 types of curves Convex and Concave. On a convex curve you would cut little "V's" or notches out of your seam allowance where as concave you would cut slits. With both types of curves make sure you do not cut through your stitches as that will give you holes in your finished project.



When you are sewing something that will be turned always remember to press your seams both before and after you turn to get the best results. And once you have the seams the correct way topstitching close to the edge will give you a more finished look along with keeping the fabric laying flat.


When sewing a corner make sure you clip the corner to make the fabric have less bulk when turned inside out.


** Be careful not to clip through the stitch line when cutting into your fabric **