Lip Balms

Lip Balms

When we create our own Lip Balms from scratch, we get the ability to determine what goes in and how much of a color or flavor is present. When determining what to have in your recipe you want to keep to 3 basic parts

  • 1 part wax
  • 1 part butter
  • 1 part oil


for the recipe I like to make it has all food grade ingredients and can be made into smaller or larger batches:


When melting your ingredients make sure that all of your equipment is clean to start so since this is a product that is used on your lips.


Start by heating the water in the bottom of a double boiler to a medium boil. Add your ingredients to the top of the double boiler starting with the beeswax, then the butter and then oil's.


Once everything is melted and thoroughly mixed your mica color can be added, mixing the color in a little at a time making sure it's completely mixed and checking the mixture with a cold spoon to see if you have added enough colorant. if too much is added it will sit at the bottom of the mixture in the double boiler. When the mixture is to a color of your liking the lip flavoring can be added at 1-2% of the total mixture.


When everything is thoroughly  mixed you are now ready to put them into their container or molds. Make sure that you do not scrape the bottom of the pot into the container(s) as you will get a large amount of sediment. 


Let the mixture cool down to room temperature then enjoy

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